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Image titled Do Gymnastics Tricks Step 1Warm up the muscles in your body with 15 minutes of cardio. Do what you enjoy as cardio can be repetitive. Whether you jog, run on a machine, or walk up stairs, loosen up your muscles, slowly working them up for more vigorous activity.. Form a bridge to stretch your back. The bridge is a stretch that looks exactly as it sounds. Lay with your back on the floor, knees bent, feet planted, and hands palms down with fingers pointed at your feet. You should look like you are about to crawl on your back but create a bridge instead by lifting your back off the ground and pushing down through your palms and feet.
  • Keep your elbows pointed at the ceiling and try to stretch your back as much as possible. With time and practice, your flexibility will improve and you’ll notice that your back will bend more and more.
Take a step forward into a lunge position. Touch the ground with your fingertips or as low as they will allow. Inhale and slowly straighten the front leg, raising your butt. Exhale as you stretch the front leg then lower yourself back into the lunge position.
  • Stretch both sides at least 4 times each.
From a standing position, reach your arms overhead, clasping your fingers together but keeping your pointer fingers out and extended. Inhale and stretch as long and as tall as you can while you simultaneously bend at the hip to one side. Breath slowly and deeply for 5 seconds and return to a standing position with your arms overhead.
  • Repeat the standing side stretch on both sides of your body.

Image titled Do Gymnastics Tricks Step 2Method 2

Executing a Forward Splits
  1. Start in a standing position with one leg forward. When preparing to get into a split stance, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lean forward on your dominant foot. This will be the leg that goes forward in your split.
  2. Extend your front leg out. Keeping your front leg straight, slowly slide it forward directly in front of you. Keep your stance controlled and tight; do not allow yourself to wobble back and forth or slip.
    • Try taking your socks off to prevent your feet from sliding. Another option is to try performing the splits on carpet flooring with your socks on.
  3. Extend your back leg out. While your front leg is slowly extending, do the same with your back leg. Propel it outwards and straight behind you while staying upright and controlled. Once you begin to feel a tightness in your thighs, refrain from stretching any further. Forcing your body past what feels comfortable is a sure way to injure yourself.
    • If necessary, use a small chair or table to help keep your balance as you lower yourself down.
  4. Hold the stretch. When your legs are both extended as far as they can go, pause and hold the stretch. Try counting to 15 or even 30. The point is your body will learn to relax while in the splits pose. Rest your arms on a supportive chair, side table or ground if necessary.
    • Always remember that a stretch will cause discomfort, but not pain. If you feel pain while doing the splits stop immediately.
  5. Once you’ve held the stretch as long as possible, slowly ease up back onto your feet. After resting a few moments, you are free to try again if you feel your body is capable. Take your time and focus on technique as you practice.
    • Most people are not naturally flexible. Mastering the splits may take several months of practice. Be patient and don’t be discouraged if you feel that your flexibility is not improving.Image titled Do Gymnastics Tricks Step 4 Depending on your age, flexibility may take a while to improve.

Method 3

Completing a Standing Backbend
  1. Place your arms over your head. While standing, raise your arms straight into the air. Your palms should be oriented towards the sky and fingers pointing behind you.
    • This exercise is best learned with a friend nearby for support if necessary.
  2. Arch your back and move down. Puff out your chest and slowly lower yourself backwards towards the floor. Take your time and control your movement. Moving too fast can cause you to lose your balance and fall, injuring yourself.
    • If you’re stuck here, you may find it helpful to use a chair or table as a halfway support. You can use the support until you’re confident in your ability to go all the way down.
    • Bending all the way backwards takes some serious flexibility. If you’re stuck, get into a bridge and rock back and forth. Rock all the way onto your hands and feet. This allows your back to really curve and helps prepare for the standing bend.
  3. Lock your arms and hold. Once you begin to approach the ground, lock your arms to ensure that you don’t smack your head when you land. After your arms have been locked, keep arching back until your hands are on the ground. Keep your stomach flexed and pointed tight to the ceiling as you hold the position.
    • While in a backbend, keep your feet firmly planted. Imagine your weight being distributed evenly on all four limbs. This will help you stay balanced.
  4. Exit the bend. While professionals can arch their way back up and out of a backbend, you may find it easier to let your knees drop, and unlock your arms. Tuck your head into your chin and cave your body. This will put you flat onto your back and safely on the floor.
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