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Parkour vault tutorial

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By Thomas Tapp

Difficulty level: EASY

In this how to parkour tutorial we're going to go over the fastest vault in parkour: the speed vault!

The speed vault is a very natural parkour vault and you will find yourself using this vault in almost any training session or parkour run. It's soo fast and easy, it will double your efficiency when you start using this vault.

If you don't learn this vault you are missing out on a fun and easy parkour vault. You will also find you're speed with your movement will drop because of this.

That's one of the reasons they call it the speed vault because you can perform this vault easily at high speeds. If done properly, you can perform this parkour vault over an object/ledge/rail and lose no speed with your run. Making you virtually impossible to catch for someone who doesn't know how to do this parkour vault.

Start by finding a thin ledge about waist height where the landing is on grass.

Step 1:Jump off the left leg and swing your right leg and body to the right side

Step 2: Lean your upper body to the left side and Plant the left hand down on the pole or object

Step 3: Perform scissor kick motion to bring left leg in front

Step 4: Land with the left leg and step out of landing (off higher obstacles land with both feet and absorb)

* Use opposite directions if you prefer to swing left leg and body to the left side.

Super FAST Progression Steps

1. Find a sturdy ledge and perform a saftey vault.

2. Then gradually transform your saftey vault to a speed vault.

3. Plant one hand on the ledge or rail and swing your legs up and over the opposite side

4. Land with left foot or both feet.

5. Walk towards the ledge and perform the same motion.

6. Add more and more speed and add the scissor kick motion is midair to land on left foot first.

6.Once comfortable with ledge, move to a rail.

So when the Zombie Apocalypse happens in the next year, you my friend will be speed vaulting away from rabid zombie corpses while your buddies, who haven't seen this tutorial, will not be soo lucky. And we're not talking about "Night of the Living Dead" zombies we're talking "28 Days Later" zombies, the real crazy fast ones. It's your choice now, take 10 minutes out of your day to learn the speed vault or be eaten by zombies when the apocalypse goes down. :)

For more indepth video tutorials and articles over how to do parkour, Sign Up for my FREE 5-Day Parkour Course!

Source: www.learnmoreparkour.com
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