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Teaching Parkour

Based in Huntington Beach
Level 1: Basic Vaults, Precisions, Balance, Strength, Conditioning, Safety
Level 2: Intermediate Vaults, Rail Precisions, Calisthenics, Safety, Explosiveness
Level 3: Advance vaults (ie, triple kongs), Kong precisions, Freerunning, Long Strides, Expert Balance, Big Drops, Explosiveness, Elite Fitness.

Willing to negotiate prices based on skill level wanting to acheive.
such as for fun, basic skill, intermediate, pro status.

Questions From Clients :)?

Jayden wrote:
I can't get down the Parkour Roll. Is there a certain way I should try it?
Hey Jayden.
When doing the parkour roll here are some essential things to keep in mind.
1) If landing from a jump, land with both feet somewhat close together to shoulder width apart, (which ever is more comfortable).
2) Place your hands together like you're catching a football and place them to the ground absorbing impact.
3) As you begin to roll, push off with your back foot unless its a roll from ...


Talia S.
Volleyball · In home
Verified Student Great experience. Competent. Excellent teaching strategy
Source: takelessons.com
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