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What is Parkour and Freerunning?

Parkour is a french term for obstacle course training, and it has developed into a sport as well as a fitness discipline. Usually called “Freerunning” in the USA, the sport involves running, climbing, vaulting, jumping and speedy crawling.

In our YMCA Parkour and Freerunning programs, we set up safe and exciting obstacle courses, providing training on proper movement and technique. This type of training strengthens the body to enhance balance, agility and coordination even as the obstacles present mental challenges.

We offer training programs as well as parkour-related events and races. Please see below for examples.


Ages 5-14

A dynamic program for boys and girls, ages 5-14. Using movements developed as a military obstacle course, we aim to create a free form structure using parkour technique in running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement as well as other trick moves suitable for a multitude of obstacles. Developed to train the body and mind to overcome obstacles with speed, agility and efficiency.

Project Freerun

Ages 6-12

Want to be a well-rounded athlete? Or just have a BLAST overcoming obstacles and challenges? Learn to practice Parkour safely and progressively. Join us inside and outside at various areas at the Y. Landing, rolling, vaulting, wall runs, and more. Your balance will improve and maybe your outlook too!

Project Freerun is a collection of New England parkour athletes coming together in the pursuit of perfection in training and instruction of parkour and freerunning. The group promotes an environment of hard training, respect, and progression to create high level athletes while keeping a fun, and light atmosphere.

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