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Gymnastics for Adults Near me

Two ways to search: By Map or List of Adult Gym Classes/Open Gyms Worldwide

This list is a shared project between Gymnastike and Masters Gymnastics. If you know of a class that is not listed, please let us know and we will add it to the list! Just leave the info below in the comment section or email us at masters gymnastics @gmail.com or email Marina from the .

Still can’t find a class? Use these tips:

  • No class? Ask if they have open gym.
  • Create a list, with contact information, of adults who are willing to commit to an adult class at least once a week and submit it to the gym.
  • Ask for private lessons.
  • See if your local university, YMCA, Community Center etc. has an adult gymnastics program.
  • Sign up for a tumbling or trampoline class, or gym.
  • Join the regular competitive team and workout with the kids. Inspire a generation!
  • If all else fails turn to gymnastics sports like circus arts, Parkour/Free Running, rhythmic gymnastics, vertical gymnastics (AKA pole dancing), diving or Capoeira.

If you are near a college, you can find an intercollegiate (not NCAA) team by using the college gymnastics club search here on the website.

Source: masters-gymnastics.com
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