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Understanding how to learn Parkour moves correctly can be a great time saver on the long run. Depending on what you are trying to learn, you can spend from one day to a whole week, or month to learn a Free running or Parkour move.

There are a few steps that you can take in order to master a movement faster. Here are a few tricks that you can use to speed up things:

Visualize the movement in your head

The more you try to visualize how to perform a move, the more you will understand how your body behaves when performing it. Mental preparation is an important step in learning how to perform a Parkour or Free running move.

Try to break down the movement into smaller ones and remember the stages it is comprised of. This will help you see why and where you failed each time and will help you figure out ways to improve it.

Condition your body for the movement

Try to strengthen the parts of the body that will bear the load. If you are learning a side-flip you will definitely need to condition your legs. If you are trying to improve your cat-leap or handstand, you will want to work on your arms more.

Conditioning your body also give you confidence and help you get over your fear of performing the movement. Usually, a few days of hard conditioning, with the appropriate recovery days in between, will give you the boost you need to nail the trick or vault.

Practice with a friend

The first time is always harder to execute a move on your own. So, try to have a friend help or support you for more confidence. If you are going to learn the back-flip, for example, you might want him to put his hand on your back, to give you an extra spin, if necessary. Or if you are trying to learn a side flip, have a friend bend over, so you can jump over him, without fear of falling on your head.

It’s recommended to have with you a friend with some experience in the movement you are trying to learn. This way, he’ll be able to spot your mistakes more easily and correct them with some advice.

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