Split toe Parkour shoes

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A few things about this concept that I didn't really explain...

Exuvia: The exoskeletal remians of a spider after it sheds.

The idea to have this shroud that encompasses the foot was initially inspired by how tarantulas molt to replace damaged parts. Parkour puts a lot of stress on the forefoot, so the original idea was to have a cover at the front that came off and could be replaced and protected the shoe underneath. A "training bra" if you will like bras for automobiles.

Then as I was looking at spider silks etc, I saw a cocoon and thought I could make the whole upper out of this recycleable material with a replaceable rubber outsole casing that is recyclable as well. The only thing non-recycleable is the TPU heel counter and footbed. As it turned out, the configuriation of the pieces and the split toe is a symbiotic construction that works together to wrap the foot and remain stable as a single unit.

I decided on the split toe/tabi boot inspiration because parkour is influenced in many ways by asian philosophy, and the tabi boot is actually somewhat acupunctural in that it is good for the back etc. It also increases balance, gives this niche market a unique look, and allows the wearer to climb linked fences etc more easily.

I also went with a vertical puma on the heel since asian writing is written top to bottom..just little things you couldn't know by looking at it.

The "football" like shape was inspired by the spider's abdomen. If you put the two shoes together, the 4 straps create the "8 legs" but most importantly serve functionally in this design.

Also, I internalized the shank and exposed some EVA on the bottom plate so that when landing on the edges of hard surfaces, the reaction of the shoe is more flesh-like rather than slipping like the shanks on most running shoes.

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