5 Parkour Moves You Can Do

How to start Parkour training?

Urban Evolution started in May of 2010 in an old warehouse in Alexandria, Virginia, and then under the management of owners Malikah and Salil Maniktahla it grew…and grew…and grew some more (then again, what do you expect when the word “evolution” is in the name?).

Urban Evolution isn’t just a great place to learn and exercise, it’s a great place to work, too. If you’re tired of sitting behind a desk in a cubicle in front of a computer, maybe what you really want to do is run your own Urban Evolution!

We have two options:

  • Affiliate – For already existing gyms (gymnastics, CrossFit, tricking, martial arts, etc) that would like to add Parkour to their program offerings. If you’re the owner or operator of a gym that thinks our Parkour curriculum would be a good fit, fill out the Expression of Interest form and we’ll get started with you!
  • Franchise – For the entrepreneur who sees an opportunity to offer something unique and exciting in his or her community.

Our franchise fees and system are set up to help your business become successful and thrive as quickly as possible. We offer guidance across all stages of the process, from site selection to licensing and permitting, to opening day, and beyond.

Our philosophy behind our gyms is simple: we want to do better in the fitness world. We aim to run the best gyms on the planet. That’s it. And our customers and testimonials say it better than we can. From our curriculae to our gym operations to our certification processes, we strive to get it done, then get it done better next time. We’re not interested in boasting about how many televisions each location has, or how awesomely clean and shiny our equipment is. We think people are more interested in going to a gym to get fit, learn to do things other people can’t do at their “regular” gym, and meet people who think like we and they do.

Have you visited your local Urban Evolution and wondered how you can be a part of our success story? If you are an eager entrepreneur seeking to expand your portfolio, or simply a business-minded individual looking to start a new adventure in life, Urban Evolution would like to hear from you! If you like that vision and you want to be a part of one of the fastest-growing corners of the fitness world, then join us!

Interested in becoming a franchised Urban Evolution Operator? Read the questions and answers below to ensure that this opportunity is a good fit for you.

Q: What type of franchise opportunities does Urban Evolution offer?

A: Urban Evolution offers qualified individuals the opportunity to operate a single franchised Urban Evolution Parkour gym and fitness training facility. The facility could be located in a variety of environments. We do not offer multi-unit franchise opportunities to initial applicants.

Q: What kind of support does Urban Evolution provide to its franchised Operators?

A: Urban Evolution staff provides ongoing support in a variety of areas such as accounting, marketing, and information technology. In addition, our field staff is available to consult with franchised Operators as they grow and develop their gym businesses by offering resources, guidance and encouragement.

Q: Who is responsible for marketing and advertising?

A: Urban Evolution is responsible for developing all national advertising and point of purchase materials that can be used by franchised Operators. However, Operators are responsible for developing their businesses locally through in-store, community-based promotions and activities they choose to utilize and execute. Urban Evolution provides approved marketing materials, which are available for purchase by Operators, and also helps with marketing support through its corporate staff, and coordinates demo events and more to help new businesses build interest in their local markets.

Q: Does Urban Evolution procure property for franchises?

A: Urban Evolution helps franchisees select the locations based on Urban Evolution’s goals for system-wide expansion in specifically targeted markets. The franchisee signs the lease with the landlord or purchases the property.

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