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Parkour training in Kolkata

My first question is, does the class have a male-only rule? Although I can understand if you are uncomfortable only training with men, especially young men who would love nothing more than to have a girl running around with them. XD

that said:

I first started learning parkour when I was about 23 or 24 while in the military. My first station however, was in Maine, and at this time almost nobody knew what parkour was, except for people in large cities and on youtube.

So I had to train myself, by myself.

My advice: just go out and run. With parkour, you're not going to worry about the freestyle, aesthetic movements that free running involves. You're just going to be running from point a to point b, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Start with that. Run everyday. Build your endurance.

Next, start watching YouTube videos on how to perform jumps, kongs and rolls. My advice, start with landing properly first. Watch videos. Read about your anatomy. Get to know your body to help yourself prevent injury.

Jump from two feet high and land on your feet properly. Do this a hundred times. Pay attention to how you are landing. Then practice your rolls, or your climbing. Then do the landings again.

Do this everyday for a month, until landing and rolling becomes natural. Then do it for another month, except from a bit higher.

Run everyday.

without support, you'll probably hurt yourself. When you do, don't push yourself. Heal. Go for a regular run, if you didn't hurt your legs, but always alllow yourself to heal.

When I was doing this, I had to learn all the above on my own. I hurt myself, healed, made mistakes, so everything Im telling you is from what I learned. I didn't start studying anatomy until a year after I started, and it did help improve my technique.

As for finding others, others may actually find you. I started meeting a couple of local people and we started training together. Eventually those few kids (yes they were teenagers about ten years younger than me at the time!) formed their own group, which persisted after I left and switched military bases.

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